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To Make A Financial Donation: Standard Bank - Tygermanor - Savings Account Number - 168 177 471 - Branch Code - 050410

Karl Bremer Hospital Handouts

We visited Karl Bremer hospital yesterday where we heard the most heartbreaking story about a young woman escaping a hostage situation so she could safely deliver her baby girl. Although the baby was delivered prematurely, she is healthy and safe. All the mommies who received packs yesterday were beyond grateful and could not stop showing their appreciation. Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to walk into these situations and see babies so helpless but it also motivates us to work harder to help more.

Fire in Dunoon leaves school children homeless

After a fire in Dunoon last night (21 June) some of the children at one of the schools we support, were left homeless! Emergency packs containing, blankets, toiletries and clothing were sent. Thank you to everyone who contributes, we are especially grateful at times such as these where your contributions make such a visibly significant difference!

Loving Giving out Packs

Packs of warm clothes given to children on the streets of Dunoon this morning…. love it

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