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To Make A Financial Donation: Standard Bank - Tygermanor - Savings Account Number - 168 177 471 - Branch Code - 050410

Love our new project!


LOVE OUR NEW PROJECT! Skills Developments Project. We empower mother’s in the prem ward at Karl Bremer. We teach them skills that can create an income, (they often loose their jobs due to being in hospital for so long or having to look after a prem baby). The feedback was extremely positive. We are needing things like cotton, needles, scissors – if anyone is able to help.

Impetigo Packs

HELP NEEDED …..Impetigo (school sores) is a huge problem at the creches in Dunoon. Due to lack of education and medical supplies it has become a vicious cycle. It is uncomfortable, sore and very contagious. Our aim is to give each child a kit that will educate the parents and the teachers about “how / when and why” to treat the sores. With the help of CIPLA we are able to put some kits together BUT are still needing (anti bacterial ointment, plasters, gauze, pure soap) etc….. Please share!

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