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To Make A Financial Donation: Standard Bank - Tygermanor - Savings Account Number - 168 177 471 - Branch Code - 050410

2018 – Here we come…

UPDATE:- The Little Lambs are back for 2018! We did our first creche visits today and received loads of hugs and kisses. Everyone is very excited to start learning!
📚 Still very sad to see some children with sore little toes but we are ready for the challenge to change their lives!

SAFEHOUSE DONATION: Nazareth, our very own little STAR!

UPDATE:- Our Safehouse little boy (We have named him Nazareth) is doing well. With all the support, we were able to buy him food, clothing and toys. The home was donated a microwave, kettle, 2 plate stove and pots. We bought them some electricity SO they are sorted for a while!

The most EXCITING NEWS is that Nazareth will be moving to a Little Lambs creche – we will be able to keep an eye on him and make sure he grows into a healthy happy little boy.

Fire in Dunoon leaves school children homeless

After a fire in Dunoon last night (21 June) some of the children at one of the schools we support, were left homeless! Emergency packs containing, blankets, toiletries and clothing were sent. Thank you to everyone who contributes, we are especially grateful at times such as these where your contributions make such a visibly significant difference!


Cream Before & After

Impetigo is a widespread and largely misunderstood reality within the community! Although easily remedied, a lack of resources often leads to this condition being left untreated and/or being mistreated and therefore unknowingly worsened.Little Lambs reached out to our generous Sponsors who once again generously came to our aid. This picture is worth a thousand words…After only 2 weeks the condition has cleared up completely!



During the course of last year we visited our crèches to help with basic games / educational skills. We were alarmed at how far behind the Grade R children are in terms of fine and gross motor skills. Some struggle with even themost basic of skills like catching a ball and holding a pencil correctly.

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