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To Make A Financial Donation: Standard Bank - Tygermanor - Savings Account Number - 168 177 471 - Branch Code - 050410

SO SO Sad…

UPDATE:- We visited one of our créches and found one of the little girls with a big burn on her leg! 😣 It has gone untreated and it was so sore that she hardly got involved in any of the activities! We have seen her since and the burn is slowly healing. We are hoping that the cream we have provided will help her heal quicker so she can start playing with her friends again!

SAFEHOUSE DONATION: Nazareth, our very own little STAR!

UPDATE:- Our Safehouse little boy (We have named him Nazareth) is doing well. With all the support, we were able to buy him food, clothing and toys. The home was donated a microwave, kettle, 2 plate stove and pots. We bought them some electricity SO they are sorted for a while!

The most EXCITING NEWS is that Nazareth will be moving to a Little Lambs creche – we will be able to keep an eye on him and make sure he grows into a healthy happy little boy.

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